Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks

Parkside House Antiques specializes in clocks of American, English, French and Scottish origin with an emphasis on tall case clocks. All of our clocks run fine and many are original clock-maker signed and dated. While the dial is original to the case, the movement was likely a 30 hour changed current c. The clock runs fine and looks good. Measures 85″ tall, 19″ wide. The form is American so I’m going with that. Measures 94″ high, 19″wide, 9″ deep. Runs and strike fine. Measures 80″ x 18″ x 10″.

The Clockmaster

Renaissance Turret Clock, German, circa Spring driven Matthew Norman carriage clock with winding key Clockmakers developed their art in various ways. Building smaller clocks was a technical challenge, as was improving accuracy and reliability. Clocks could be impressive showpieces to demonstrate skilled craftsmanship, or less expensive, mass-produced items for domestic use.

The dial was then given several coats of paint, gently rubbing these down between coats. This is a “Beugler Pin Striping Tool”. It is designed to enable lines of various thicknesses to be painted.

If you are outside of Central-Ohio it is impractical for us to buy your clock. Please call your local clock shop instead. Great Prices On Used Clocks Master Clock Repair often purchases used grandfather clocks from customers who are downsizing, upgrading, moving or simply do not want their clocks any longer. After purchase we repair the clock movement and clean the case to prepare the clocks for resale. Many of the clocks carry the same guarantee as new clocks. See the descriptions below for specific information about each clock as the guarantee can vary from clock to clock.

When possible, our goal is to make the clocks available for a price equal to about half or less of what the current retail for that clock might be. Regarding Clock Descriptions Every attempt has been made to describe all clocks we sell as accurately as possible. Being in the clock business for 39 years gives us the experience to tell you what you really need to know about each clock, not just dimensions and features but about the conditions of the various critical components.

Some dimensions are rounded up or down slightly.

Antique Grandfather Clock Dial and Movement Hand Painted

Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US.

Beautiful Vintage Late s/Early s Hand Painted Grandfather Clock Dial with Floral Detail/Roman Numerals Custom clock 24″ inch. railroad style dial. wall clock. made to order with your name, date, company logo, extra large clock Well you’re in luck, because here they come. There are 98 painted clock dial for sale on Etsy, and they.

Other times they are damaged by misguided attempts at cleaning. Clock dials are made of many different materials. The cheaper clocks had dials made of paper glued to metal “dial pans”. Other clocks had dials that were painted onto the metal pans. Frequently these painted dials just had the numbers and time track markings but fancier dials often had painted decorations in the corners as well as elaborate designs in the dial centers. Some dials are also made of porcelain and still others were made of various types of steel and brass see the Herschede dial below.

Before This dial is a great example not of an original dial in worn condition but a dial that has had someone make a very poor attempt at both restoring the pan and replacing the dial. The original dial pan would have had brass plating but it has been painted over. The poorly cut paper dial is a generic replacement. The dial pan was painted previously.

Geo monk grandfather clock

The 18th and 19th Centuries were the best of times for the English clock industry. A few clocks were made in other parts of the British Isles. A few early American clocks were produced by immigrant clockmakers, resembling clocks from the countries where these clockmakers came from, and some American clocks look just like their English cousins. This English clock was made around

There are 32 models named Standard Day Clock in the database. The first one is: Jahresuhrenfabrik Disc Pendulum Day Clock. This Schatz ivory painted day clock has no date on the movement, so it was made around – Dates made: Schatz Standard Day Clock Ivory Painted Dial.

The corner painting was the only damaged area as the rest of the dial was unharmed. After carefully recording the unrestored dial, we were able to remove and replace the flaking paint work as shown below. The dial was photocopied, straightened and filled. After sanding, the base paint was colour-matched and applied in many thin layers. The image was then traced lightly into place.

The raised gesso guilding was then applied as a border for the rose. Oil paints were then applied to match the paintings in the other corners. Lastly, after a few days of drying time, a light retouching varnish was applied. Above is evidence that we use the same techniques and materials, where necessary, as the original dial artists. As much of the original painted scenes and moons were retained as possible, before recreating the missing details accurately with oil paint.

Antique clock dials

Local Clock and Watch Makers Of the 18th Century Introduction to Suffolk C18 Clockmakers By the 18th century clockmakers were becoming more numerous, and every town would have a clock maker or a clock seller. The most famous in Suffolk were the Moore family of Ipswich, Thomas Moore being the best known of the family.

Lantern clocks were first made in Suffolk in the second half of the 17th century, but they continued to be made in Suffolk into the middle of the 18th century as well. Older wheel balance lantern clocks and short bob clocks also got converted to long pendulum control in this period.

ANTIQUE ENGLISH PAINTED Dial 8 Day Striking Grandfather Longcase Clock Movement – EUR , Welcome To Our Store, Click To View My Other Items For Sale The wonderful period 8 day Longcase clock movement with arched painted dial, untested.

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Antique Clocks

Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 7: When I saw the listing it honestly turned my stomach. Some might think that what is is doing is fine but just stop and think about the long term affects of his actions. This ebay seller has personally tainted the watch pool for years to come! When somebody finds out that they have purchased a FAKE down the road they will probably be turned away from the hobby and all of us will suffer in the long run.

This is NOTHING more than somebody trying to make a quick buck and line their own pocket without giving a damn about the recourse of their actions and the harm it will do to others.

Antique English Robert Williams Grandfather This is the Robert Williams Grandfather Clock with the dial on. Any information about it is greatly appreciated.

The museum includes neat older pieces of technology, but not things I actively collect. For now it contains tennis racquets, racquetball racquets, clocks, GPS receivers, audio and video equipment, phones, boats, vacuum cleaners, books and rocks. My dad, Philip P. He continued playing into the s. He got me interested in tennis when I was in my teens and for years we would play on Sundays with my sister and brother in law at the Mission Valley Tennis Club which was just recently torn down.

Three of the six racquets in the photograph are “hand me downs” from my dad and upon reflection, I’ve never have bought a tennis racquet for myself. Since my dad passed away in May obituary , it is nice to have these racquets as mementos. Also, as can be seen below, these three racquet models are indeed historically significant and include the first popular steel racquet and the first popular racquet with an oversized head. Tennis racquets show the rapid increase in technology since my childhood.

When I was young, the only racquets were wood as represented by the Spalding “Doris Hart” model racquet on the far left which I obtained for free at a garage sale. Doris Hart was a famous women tennis star in the s. I remember my dad had an old wood Wilson “Poncho Gonzalez” model racquet, but unfortunately it was disposed of sometime after steel racquets came out.

The racquet second from the left was the first popular steel racquet, the Wilson T , introduced in and purchased by my dad around the same time.

antique 19thc flamed mahogany painted dial scottish longcase grandfather clock

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