Coupler socket size What diameter ball do you need? Does your trailer already have safety chains? If not, are new chains required? Table 1 shows some common examples of trailer weights. Then, you should determine whether your vehicle is rated to accept the weight of your trailer. Gross Trailer Weight GTW is the fully loaded weight of your trailer in the condition that you would tow it in. If you don’t know the weight of your trailer, the best way to measure it is on a vehicle scale.

Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch

Helps to eliminate the jerks felt when towing on rough roads or concrete highways. This hitch directs the tow resistance through an air bag, producing a smooth ride. Fits most trailers – Available with a 4. When we developed the Surge Hitch our intention was to give a smoother ride, period. We perfected that and never considered the other benefits. Customers using the Surge hitch started calling with reports of better fuel mileage.

TRAILERING GUIDE. Equinox Traverse Colorado Suburban Tahoe Express Passenger Van making the proper electrical connections affects how your vehicle handles, corners and brakes, and allows you to alert to streamline hookup of trailer lighting and brakes, and a.

Likes Received Might be like riding a bucking bronco. Especially on some of the concrete roads with the expansion joints every 10 to 20 feet. Actually, even with ball in perfect spot a few inches ahead of axle, it can be like that now if not loaded properly. By that theory how does anyone use a typical bumper pull trailer without getting beat to death?

But the reality is even a bumper pull can be smooth as silk ride if loaded just right, even without a weight distributing hitch. No “theory” to that If you have a big flatbed gooseneck why do you need a 12′ bed? Bob the tail of the truck bed off short enough to hitch the trailer and cut the corners off at 45 degrees so it will swing by. By that logic why do I need a bed at all? Well of course there is good reason for the 12 foot bed Easy to drive the truck alone..

But then sometimes I get too much even for the 12 foot bed.. I’ll fill every inch of a 28 foot trailer with what I bought yesterday Actually a bumper pull would be ok in that case, but already got the gooseneck

Pintle Vs Ball Hitch

This product is going to fit certain years of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado , , and , with 6 foot, and 8 foot beds. The kit’s going to work with your factory installed gooseneck hitches, again, on Chevrolet and GMC trucks. You can see everything that it comes with. It’s also going to come with a nice storage case, that way, you can keep everything close by, and in good condition when the unit’s not being used.

Just want to go over the different components that it comes with.

From 9’ to 10’ wide, 40 Ton or 50 Ton, fixed roll or flip down beavertail system, low-pro necks, tandem and tri-drive necks, tri-drive and jeep flips, 52’ to 56’2” lengths you name .

No ball mount is more versatile or easier to use than the Rapid Hitch. Its adjustability allows you to tow easily and safely by keeping your trailer parallel to the ground, maintaining a more stable towing experience. To keep the shine, you simply need to polish the hitch from time to time and you will have a high gloss surface that looks brand new. Another benefit to this aluminum super alloy is that it is light and surprisingly strong.

It only weighs 15 lbs. It is V5 certified with a strength rating of 10, lbs. The Rapid Hitch is built for the long haul…the real world where ease of use and strength really count. However, we have discovered that in some instances the standard Rapid Hitch might drag on the ground in a dip, so we have added the SUV Rapid Hitch to help eliminate this situation. The tongue heights of your trailers and the suspension on your truck play a part, but in most cases these measurements will give you what you need.

If you are unsure, please take your truck to your local dealer for advice. The Rapid Hitch multi-ball system is the perfect hitch for anyone who tows multiple trailers. You can flip the double ball over, change the drop to a rise, or adjust the height of the drop all by simply removing the hitch pin and putting it back in place. With the easy height adjustment you can make sure you are keeping your trailer level.

Dump Box Trailers

SB7 has 1″ holes thru both sides. Durable Black powder coat finish. Fits standard gooseneck trailer coupler tubes. Allows Gooseneck Trailers to be pulled with Semi-Tractors.

Hookup Checklist. One way to be sure you’ve got your trailer ready to go is to make a checklist. Fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches, though different pieces of food trailer equipment, are fundamentally the same. When your hitch was set up, the installer should have told you how many links of chain to count for proper tension adjustment.

Fifth Wheel Slider Hitches Towing Made Easy with Pro Series Pro Series brings to the table the newest and most economically efficient way to tow your trailer, and there’s no looking back! Available from a 15, lb capacity to 20, lbs, Pro Series offers their new and improved 5th wheel hitch product line designed for people who want to get their towing and hauling done without having to spend s boatload of money. What Are My Options? Inside the product line, you will find 5th wheels rated for 15, , 16, and 20, GTW with different attachments including rail kits and sliders.

Pro Series wants their customers to gain an economic advantage from using their hitches on top of belong a proper towing solution. Pro Series offers one of the lowest prices on the market for fifth wheel hitches and each hitch is covered by a 10 year limited warranty great for those who are in it for the long haul. Fifth wheels are not vehicle specific and will list the contents of each product right within the description. A typical k fifth wheel will include the head, head support, handle kit, legs and a rail kit.

If the hitch does not include the rail kit, it will be available as an add-on accessory or as an individual item.

Pro Series Fifth Wheels

Is there a proper way to load my trailer? Before you hook up a trailer or even purchase a trailer hitch, you should first consider towing capacity. How much weight is your vehicle rated to tow?

Round gooseneck coupler fits /16″ ball and includes inner and outer tube, 2 set screws and pins – all to ensure a perfect, secure hookup. Inner tube is adjustable Seller Rating: % positive.

Custom Finishes Available for an additional charge. Is there sufficient clearance above, below or adjacent to the installation location to accommodate sweep and projection of gooseneck arm and shade? Most gooseneck light fixtures are designed to be installed directly on top of a recessed standard Round or Octagonal Junction box. Are the junction boxes in the desired location? If the junction box es are located behind the wall or off to one side are the lead lengths coming out of the fixture long enough to reach?

These fixtures can be ordered with longer lead lengths – call for details. The general rule of thumb is one fixture for every 3′ to 4′ of sign width tall signs may also require fixtures above and below the sign for proper illumination.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

Product Details Part of towing responsibly is making sure your trailer lights are working properly. Whether you have just installed a new custom wiring harness or are trying to locate the cause of an electrical problem, CURT connector testers are great for testing tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, ground connections and other electrical components on your vehicle.

A connector tester works by plugging into the connector socket on your vehicle and responding to the various electrical signals produced by pushing the brake pedal, signaling a turn, turning on the running lights and so on. When the socket is getting proper power, the tester’s various LEDs will light up corresponding to each wire in the connector.

Testing your vehicle-side socket is essential after installing a new custom vehicle-to-trailer wiring harness and is highly recommended every time you hitch up to tow. Also, if you are experiencing electrical problems with your trailer, a CURT tester will be able to tell you whether the problem is rooted in your vehicle’s electrical system or if your trailer needs some rewiring.

Carriers & Cargo Hauling Accessories – Hitches & Towing – Hitch Fifth Wheel – Fifth Wheel Hitch Part Number Direct Mount Fifth Wheel Hitch, 20, lb towing capacity.

This page will document the construction of my backyard observatory. This is a project I had wanted to do since the summer of I live in a place where for southern New England anyway the skies are still reasonably dark and I expect to be here long enough to make construction of an observatory a worthwhile undertaking.

The photos below document the progress of observatory construction. The observatory I built is a roll-off roof type observatory, I decided on dimensions of 8x I did not have a set of plans, I kind of just “made things up as I went” but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do after doing some basic research and looking at other designs. I did purchase most of the construction materials right after the Katrina disaster, mainly to beat the significant increases in material prices caused by this and other storms.

Although this page shows quite a bit of detail, this page is not intended to be a “step by step how to” page on building an observatory.

Trailer/Loading information

Call us now at and get your name on the next available one. NEW Standard features on models! Spare tire mount included on all models. You can buy a spare if you want, but the mount is free regardless. They’re just a lot harder to kill!

Well, lol not to be a jerk, but that kinda depends on if your trailer has a gooseneck or 5th wheel hook up. Edit: I noticed over on the side you have an SS silverado, not sure what their load rating is or if they are any different than a standard, but I would make sure it is rated to pull a gooseneck or 5th wheel, solely for the weight on the truck, not for the power, because I know it has that.

This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and convenient. Designed to meet the highest quality standards, it is second to none in Includes trailer ball, sway control unit and installation hardware. This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing Designed to meet the highest quality Tow in comfort and safety with the proper gear, and make your life easier around the campsite or This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come.

Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Curt will last a Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Curt This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and convenient This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and Converts 2″ vertical receiver tube to ball mount tongue.

How To Hook Up A Gooseneck Trailer

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